Production Stage Manager


Matthew Marcum - Hymns & Oscillations - January 2020

Hymns & Oscillations is an energetic exploration of the Chakra System through songs, chants, and activated frequencies. By paying homage to various multi-cultural emanations, this piece represents a modern manifestation rooted in transcendental sound practices. By combining Solfeggio sound healing frequencies with multimedia projections and an eclectic sound catalogue this show uses intention, innovation, and the human voice as the primary catalyst for energetic exchange. Presented at The Mothlight in Asheville, TN as part of the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival

Little Women - February 2020

Little Women, adapted by Kate Hamill from the acclaimed book by Louisa May Alcott, will be featured through Repertory program of Studio Tenn in franklin, TN beginning in February. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets follow the link below.




Shannon J. Spencer has created an original workshop with the intent to train and mentor new Stage Managers in the Nashville and surrounding communities. After seeing the need for new, prepared stage managers in Nashville, Ms. Spencer has developed a workshop adaptable to class and community settings. This workshop is available to schools and universities with Theatre programs, as well as community and professional programs in need of introduction to Stage Management. The workshop will provide the basic tools and knowledge that is needed as individuals prepare to take on the role of the Stage Manager.